82 Drawings

drawing out

82 Drawings is a journey through an Expanded Landscape, following the paths of myth, of natural history, of beauty, of mystery, of history, of politics, of sound, of art.

drawing through

The Expanded Landscape is empty, is a void which gives, which pours forth its meanings: from an extraordinary nothingness, to a tapestry of tales.

drawing from

82 is the atomic weight of lead: a drawing is a bringing out.

drawing in

82 is a year of change: a drawing is a revelation.

drawing of

82 Drawings: the lead mines in pencil, pen, photography, video, sound, performance, documentation, lead, printing, pamphlets, poetry, prose, sky, tears, ghosts, the song of a skylark in spring.

drawing by

Cheryl Garner and Gavin Jones


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